ASWJ bomber commits suicide by exploding hand grenade in hand in Pindi

Rawalpindi Police foiled a bid of the ASWJ/LeJ’s takfiri Deobandi terrorists for terrorist attack as they tried to nab the takfiri who exploded grenade in his hand after throwing another hand grenade at the cops in Wah Gardens area on Tuesday. A police cop was injured and the bomber committed suicide that way.


CPO Rawalpindi Police confirmed that the explosion that rocked Rawalpindi and Wah areas on Tuesday was a suicide blast and said that the age of the suicide bomber was between 19-22 years.

Suicide bomber was in a van en route from Peshawar to Rawalpindi, and upon being stopped by security officials, the bomber ran off to board a nearby bus but finally he blew himself up to escape arrest.

Police said that a random security check by law enforcers near Wah Gardens in Rawalpindi was being conducted when the takfiri terrorist among the passengers aged between 21-22 years of age tried to evade the search and made a dash for it.

Police constables on duty chased the young man who hurled a hand-grenade at the law enforcers which exploded but did not cause any damage. Sources have confirmed that a second hand grenade the takfiri Deobandi militant was carrying detonated killing him on the spot.

Initially the incident had been reported as a suicide bomber having detonated his jacket. But, it was a suicide by another way that he exploded his hand grenade.



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