Muslims in Canada protest outside Pakistani Consulate against Shikarpur massacre

Sunni and Shia Muslims, settled in Canada, staged a demonstration outside Pakistani Consulate in Toronto, to register their protest against the Shia massacre in Karbala Moalla Masjid and Imam Bargah of Lakhi Dar Area in Shikarpur during Friday prayers.


Many Shia Muslims, youths as well as women along with like-minded Sunnis gathered outside Pakistani Consulate while temperature was minus 20 degree centigrade. Carrying banners and placards, they raised slogans against the Shia genocide and in particular massacres of schoolchildren in Peshawar and Shia namazis (worshippers) in Pakistani district Shikarpur.

Some religious scholars and Shia notables stood in front of the entrance of the Pakistani consulate and spoke to the protestors standing in front of them. They said that the U.S.-Saudi-sponsored Wahhabis-allied Deobandi takfiri terrorists of Jund Al-Shaitan once again targeted the innocent men, women and children praying in a mosque and massacred over 60 of them in Shikarpur Pakistan.

They held the government of Pakistan responsible for these massacres and demand that they must arrest the leaders of takfiri organizations that are training these barbaric terrorists and providing safe-havens for them. They demanded that the government bans all the U.S. and Saudi funding to these takfiri extremists and take actions against anyone attempting to spread hate and sectarianism.

The protestors stood there in solidarity with the innocent victims massacred in the Shikarpur mosque for the “crime” that they adored Allah, his Prophet (SAW) and the Ahl-e-Bait (AS) and they were offering prayers for the Sake of God Almighty.


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