Shia Muslim martyred by ASWJ’s Deobandi takfiri terrorists in Parachinar

Notorious Deobandi takfiri terrorists of banned ASWJ/TTP shot martyred a Shia Muslim in the slums of Kurrum Agency’s Shia majority area of Parachinar.


Habib Hussain, a Shia Muslim of Daulat Khel was ambushed in Boshehra area near Parachinar. He embraced martyrdom due to firing of Wahhabis-allied Deobandi takfiri terrorists of ASWJ (Sipah-e-Sahaba) that work together with allied Taliban.

Shia parties and leaders have condemned the takfiri terrorists for continued genocide against Shia Muslims. They demanded elimination of takfiris in Kurrum Agency and Orakzai Agency as well. They asked the armed forces to cleanse entire FATA under ongoing operation Zarb-e-Azb and Khyber-I.


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