Shia officer of Intelligence Bureau martyred in Karachi

shaheed qamar razaA Shia officer of Intelligence Bureau was martyred in Karachi due to firing of nasbi Yazidi terrorists on Saturday night.

Syed Qamar Raza was deputy director in the IB. He was an active member of Pak-Hyderi Scouts. He was known in the society for his services for the sake of azadari.

Nasbi terrorists targeted him when he was entering into his house in Federal Capital Area of Karachi City.

Shia Muslims have expressed surprise over the brutal murder of an IB officer. They said that government and security agencies have failed to protect the life of a high official of intelligence bureau, how they can protect the lives of ordinary citizens.

Qamar Raza’s murder has evoked reaction from many circles. All have condemned the murder and demanded capital punishment to the terrorists.


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