Shia army officer martyred in Operation Khyber One in Tirah Valley

Takfiri terrorists of Wahhabis-allied Deobandis Taliban, who have imposed a war on Pakistan Army in Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA), have shot martyred a loyal son of Pakistan that is Shia officer of Pakistan army in Operation Khyber One being conducted in Khyber Agency.


Major Gulfam Hussain Toori, a major in Pakistan Army, was on duty along with other personnel of the army that has been fighting the gravest threat to Pakistan’s security and survival namely Taliban and allied outfits who follow takfiri ideology and declare Sunni Muslim top brass of Pakistan Army as infidels, let alone Shia Muslims.

Loyal Shia son of Pakistan sacrificed his life, hugged martyrdom for the sake of Islam and Pakistan against the enemies of Islam and Pakistan. His namaz-e-janaza was held in Parachinar, Kurrum Agency.

Operation Khyber One is aimed at purging Khyber Agency of the FATA of takfiri Taliban terrorists and Shia major Gulfam Hussain Toori was hit in Tirah Valley during that operation by the enemies of Pakistan and Islam namely Taliban that was invented by Deobandi seminaries and Pakistan army is under threat from those takfiris.

Shia leaders and parties have condemned the Taliban terrorists Mangal Bagh Group and allied outfits that were active in Khyber Agency. They appreciated the martyrdom by Shia loyal son of Pakistan saying that Shia Muslims be they are civilians or in army, always made sacrifices for the sake of Pakistan.


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