Saudi and Pakistan’s secret pact should be revealed in front of the nation – Hamid Moosavi

In the light of the statements by Prime Minister, Defense Minister and Foreign Secretary, Supreme Leader of Shia Ulema Board Aga Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi urged that if there remains a secret pact between Saudia and Pakistan, it should be brought forth the Nation of Pakistan as the decision are already made while taking parliament into confidence remains a farce.

He recommended that leaders should take into consideration that any decision taken par party, family, and personal interests will be perilous not only for Pakistan but the entire Muslim world. He iterated that Yemen might end up as a second Afghanistan, one should use their wits not to decide par feelings and emotions otherwise they would have no place in the history.

In the headquarter of TNFJ Punjab, he said this in front of Provincial Nazim ul Umoor Allama Syed Mohsin Ali Shah Al Hussaini, Provincial President Allama Syed Hussain Muqadassi and other leaders exchanging views on current crisis in Yemen while presented their organizations report.

Hamid Moosavi stressed that a nation which stands accountable for its actions leads and later known by it. In the advent decisions by Pakistani leaders and politician have left the nation confused and astray. He said that Pakistan will defend the Saudis and army will retaliate against Yemen should its territorial sovereignty is threatened. Prime ministers’ stated that there’s threat to Saudi’s territorial integrity whereas Defence Minister said that we’ll defend saudi at any cost remain two different statements. Foreign minister on the other hand says that we have to defend saudia for it bears sites with divine sanctity.

He asked to remember that Pakistan was sent to the front lines in the advent of 9/11, Saddam was overturned in the shadows of Weapons of Mass destruction, Later Civil Wars in Tunis, Egypt, Bahrain and Syria which are still going on. Al-Qaeda was used to turn tables for Colonel Gaddafi in Libya to which Libya is in ruins. The World Demons and followers have used these so-called Jihadist groups in Syria sending them in pre-historic times.

He said leaders and politicians of Pakistan along with the masses are unaware of the situation in Yemen. He explained that there remain two groups fighting in Yemen and one among them is the Houthi’s namely Ansarullah fighting pro-hadi militancy and other tribes.
He added that constitutionally Yemen stands as a democracy but it has been usurped by one particular party for a number of years.
Hamid Moosavi emphatically said that as per new world order sectarianism is being flared while theology is forgone
so as to deter the Islamic world.


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