One more shiite Muslim martyred & 2 injured in Karachi, toll climbs to 7 in last 24 hours

shaheedOne more Shiite Muslims were gunned down by the Armed Militants of Nasabi-Takfiri terrorists in Karachi in a separate incidents of targeted killing of Shiite Muslims in the metropolis.

Three brothers were gunned down in the incidents of targeted killings in New Karachi Area.
Nisar Ali martyred in the incident of sectarian target killing in New Karachi near wednesday market. They were targted by the terrorists of Banned outfits of Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba in New Karachi area. his body was shifted at Shah-e-Karbala Mosque Rizvia Society.
Seven shiite Muslims were gunned down by the armed militants of banned outfits in the different areas of Karachi and few were injureds.
Shiite leaders of MWM, SUC and JAP strongly condemned the targeted killings of shiite Muslims in Karachi and termed that the government had failed to protect the shiite Muslims in the country.

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