ASWJ-LeJ jointly plans attack on Shia leaders, Mosques & Processions

The Saudi funded banned outfit AhleSunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ) and Lashkar-e-Jhanvgi have planned to carry out large scale terrorist attack on Shiite leaders, Mosques and Holy Processions in Punjab with the support of Alqaeda India-Subcontinent , Shiite News learnt on Friday.
The Shiite News learnt from the credible sources that the Chief of banned terrorist Outfit ASWJ Mullah Ahmed Ludhanvi in his recent visit of Rawalpindi-Islamabad met with several Alqaeda aka Daesh and LeJ Officials secretly to finalize the plan to carry out attacks on Shiite religio-Political leaders , Mosques and Martyrdom Procession of Prophet Mohamamd (pbub) progeny in Punjab to destablize the country.
The sources said that the task to target the Shiite leaders and Worship places have assigned to Qari Ajmal and Qari Ehsan Ul Haq by the Chief Of Alqaeda India-Subcontinen (AQIS) Asim Umar alias Arsalan with Abdullah Azzam Brigade of AQIS. The ASWJ Chief assured his party intelligence and Human Resource support to AQIS & LeJ terrorists to get their assigned targets in Pakistan by killing shiite Muslims.
The Sources said that After receiving the reports of the intelligence agencies, police and law enforcement agencies issued directions for security to be put on red alert across the country specially in Punjab to prevent attacks by the militants.
Its pertaining to mention here that Pakistan Armed forces have detained several Taliban and Alqaeda terrorists from North Waziristan who enjoyed the Indian fundings and financial support to create unrest in Pakistan.


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