Woman facilitator of Safoora Attack On Shia Ismaili’s arrested

The law Enforcement Agencies have released the picture of the woman who facilitated the terrorists involved in the Safoora carnage killing more than 43 Shia Ismaili Muslims in Karachi.

Police informed that the woman named Sadia Jalal, is a teacher in a private university and member of Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi was among the other terrorists which were involved in the killing of innocent pakistani Ismaili’s. .

According to police, Sadia is the wife of prime suspect in Safoora carnage, Jalal, and had helped the suspects in carrying out the Safoora carnage.

Moreover, the police told that Sadia was a teacher in a private university and also motivated the students at the university to take part in terrorists activities.


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