Speaker (Khateeb) of Allah Wali mosque declared (God forbid) Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) as a terrorist

The establishment of Khutbaat e Juma’a commission by Milli Yakjehti Council tells the importance of these sermons for society. People guide the society tpwards the right path, Friday Sermon ia such a powerful medium through which the fate of society can be changed. Taxilla Police recently received an application in which it was stated that the speaker of Masjid Allah Wali Molvi Afnan, in his Friday sermon, said that if Mulla Umar, Usama-bin-Laden and Malik Ishaq are terrorists then (God forbid) Muhammad (PBUH) was the biggest terrorist of the world. Molvi Afnan also spoke against armed forces of Pakistan and other security departments. Local police talked to Syed Ajmal Hussain Gilani about the matter who then discussed it with Ulema and then took ploice action against Molvi Afnan.

When police took him to the police station, the Mullah started reciting Naat loudly, in order to save his life and denied that he spoke something like that. Molvi Afnan also said, by taking oath, that he did not say anything against Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and he believes that whoever links Hazrat Muammad (PBUH) or Sahaba Karaam or Imam Hussain (rz) with terrorism is a Kaafir and his Nikkah breaks, if he is married. The sole purpose to tell about this incident is to divert the attention of those fighting against terrorism towards this matter. An operation like Zarb e Azab should be started against people like Molvi Afnan, who are extremists and preach terrorism.



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