Fight against terrorism nearing success: Pervaiz Rasheed

Fight against terrorism nearing success: Pervaiz Rasheed

Federal Minister for Information, Broadcasting, National Heritage and Law and Justice Senator Pervaiz Rasheed said that 2015 is the year of decrease in terrorism. Neighboring countries have assured Pakistan that they would not allow use of their territory against Pakistan for any terror activity. Meanwhile, Pakistan has also amended certain laws to curb this menace. He said terrorism in the country was a result of the conflicts among various countries of the world. Unfortunately it started taking roots in Pakistan during the era of non-representative government. The elected government could have handled the situation much better as compared to dictator who succumbed to the external pressure. The elected government could have resisted to such pressure and the country might have not become the victim of terrorism, he said. Results of by-election will be similar to the past. Talking about Child Protection Bureau (CPB), he said the CPB has become the home of the abandoned and destitute children. Bureau was doing an excellent job by imparting technical as well as conventional education to the children. The minister said he was happy to see that government institutions were doing excellent job and the government is concentrating on development and prosperity of the nation.

He was talking to the media during his visit to the Child Protection Bureau. He said that the fight against terrorism is nearing success.


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