Ali Mehdi elected as new President of I.S.O Pakistan

Ali Mehdi, former Chief of Imamia Scout, has been elected as the 42nd central President of Imamia Students Organization Pakistan. The announcement of new President was made by Dr. Aqeel Musa and Agha Ahmed Iqbal Rizvi took the oath from new President. The newly elected President, while addressing the convention, said today, the world needs to revert to the ‘Wilayat system’. The great Rehbar Syed Ali Khamenei, who is both the keeper of Nizam e Wilayat and its advocate, he is leading the Islamic world and also fighting against the non-Islamic (Kafir) world, at the same time. The only solution to today’s problems of Muslims and their success is to understand and follow this Wilayat system.

On the other hand, members of I.S.O (women student wing) once again elected University of Karachi’s student Gul e Zehra as their new head, in the ISO (women wing) central convention.

Yearly convention of ISO Pakistan was taking place at the tomb of Dr. Muhammad Ali Naqvi in Lahore since 2nd October which was attended by a large number of Imamia students, from the whole country whereas famous religious scholars of Pakistan also attended the convention. On the last day of convention, students elected their new central President for the new year. After the election of the central President, the election of divisional Presidents will now start after which the President at unit level will also be elected.


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