Tashfeen Malik’s Pakistani CNIC proved real

Tashfeen Malik’s Pakistani CNIC proved real

Shiite News: According to NADRA’s verification service, Tashfeen Malik’s CNIC, whose pictures are making rounds on social media, is real as opposed to the view of majority of people believing it to be fake and tempered. This can be confirmed through NADRA by sending a message to 8300 and 7000.

According to Dawn News, the CNIC number, making rounds on social media,  when sent to 8300 service of National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), which is originally used to locate registered voters in Pakistan, returns a result ” Tashfeen Malik D/O Gulzar Ahmad Malik.”

On the other hand, the picture of Tashfeen Malik’s CNIC making rounds on social media could be a print out of the original one (used by law enforcement agencies for their reference) rather than its scanned copy and this could be the reason behind the change in its shape and fonts. A print out of any CNIC, similar to the one being showed on social media, could be taken out by entering any CNIC number in ‘Verisys’ software linked with NADRA’s database. It should be clear that ‘Verisys’ is NADRA’s tool accessible to law enforcement agencies.

Tashfeen Malik was involved in the firing incident that took place last week at a Centre for disabled and handicapped people in San Bernardino during which 14 people were killed and several got injured.


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