‘Takfiri Terrorists IS (Daesh) recruiter’ arrested in Karachi

Police’s Coun­ter-Terrorism Department arrested on Friday a man who was allegedly recruiting young men for the militant Islamic State (IS) group and had sent three militants to Syria, one of whom was killed there.

According to an official, the police’s special unit detai­ned Abdul Aziz alias Aziz Rehman from Orangi Town.

He belongs to the banned Jundullah (Haji Aqakhel group) and was collecting funds for the IS in Karachi and Quetta.

The official revealed that the suspect had confessed during initial investigation to having sent three trained young men to Syria. One of them, Jaffer, has been killed there, while the whereabouts of Hamza and Rasheed are not known.

Meanwhile, the Rangers claimed to have detained two suspected militants belonging to a banned group.


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