Clash of two groups in a mosque

Clash of two groups in a mosque

Shiite News: Two groups of a religious party made mosque a battlefield over issue of leading the prayer due to which four people were injured.

According to details, mosque Umar bin Abdul Aziz, located in Defence Phase 7 within the jurisdiction of Gizri police station, an issue over leading the prayer intensified causing people of two groups from the same sect to fight each other. The clash resulted in four injuries.

20 year old Habeeb Ullah, 21 year Hamza, 25 year Sajid and 35 year old Khalid Mahmood wgot injured during the clash who were then shifted to the hospital for medical aid. According to Police, legal action will be taken after investigation from the injured people.

Sources told that one of those two groups holds extremist ideology and also enjoys the support of outlawed organizations like Sipah e Sahaba, LeJ and other such groups. The other group is comprised of some moderate people who have been opposing the terrorists of other group. They are of the view that a molvi having extremist ideology should not be allowed to led prayer.


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