Millat e Tashhai concerned over Shia parties’ stance on Mumtaz Qadri’s execution and Women Protection Bill

Millat e Tashhai concerned over Shia parties’ stance on Mumtaz Qadri’s execution and Women Protection Bill

Shiite News: People of Millat e Jafaria are concerned over Shia parties’ stance on Mumtaz Qadri’s execution and Women Protection Bill and this concern has been expressed by the people on social media and through other sources. People have also been criticizing leaders of the millat on various forums and asking them not to make the nation a tool in the hands of Jamat e Islami and Siraj ul Haq. Not taking a clear stance over Mumtaz Qadri’s execution and supporting takfiri parties over Women Protection Bill has been declared as a political mistake by the people.

It should be remembered that Jamat e Islami had called a meeting of all religious parties in Mansoorah over the adoption of Women Protection Bill in Punjab in which leaders of Shia parties also participated along with leaders of takfiri and banned organizations. All the parties unanimously rejected the bill and announced to start a campaign against Punjab government if the bill would not be suspended.

Renowned analyst Mazhar Abbas wrote in his column “No matter if there are any chances of a campaign similar to the 1977 one but there are chances of formation of an alliance like PNA (Pakistan National Alliance) for which two major parties Jamat e Islami and Jamiat e Ulema Islam have expressed their consent. Ameer Jamat e Islami Siraj ul Haq announced to run a campaign, similar to PNA, against the government if it continues to follow its ‘liberal agenda’. Will the results of the campaign also be like the results that we got 38 years ago? Meaning another Marshal Law”.

This is the reality that Jamat e Islami and Molana Fazl ur Rehman will try to achieve their own political objectives in the name of Women Protection Bill and the role of Millat e Jafaria will be extremely crucial in this regard. Therefore, it is not appropriate to take any step without thinking hard and the nation needs to be taken into confidence.

In addition to this, takfiri groups will also take advantage of this alliance of religious parties and they will try to re-strengthen themselves by becoming a part of this alliance because they have been weakened by Operation Zarb e Azb and the NAP. Was not the meeting of religious parties held in Mansoorah, where heads of outlawed parties were also invited, a violation of the NAP? Will national parties become a tool in the hands of Deobandis in name of this so-called religious alliance? It is to be seen.

Millat e Jafaria’s stance has always been clear that it does not accept extremism in any form and also favours women’s right and freedom but it neither supports the Western liberalism and indecency in name of freedom nor in favour of Saudi Arabia’s extremist and suffocated environs. There are clear edicts and decrees of Quran and Ahl ul Bait (as) with regard to women rights which if implemented in the society will create a the social order where no one’s rights will be violated. Therefore, parties representing Millat e Jafaria need to think a thousand times before becoming a part of any pressure group comprised of Deobandi and outlawed organizations in name of Women Rights and Mumtaz Qadri.


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