Despite revelations of RAW’s agent dangerous terrorist released in Baluchistan

Despite revelations of RAW’s agent dangerous terrorist released in Baluchistan

Shiite News: Army Chief General Raheel Sharif has initiated an operation against banned terrorist organizations after the blast in Lahore’s Iqbal Park while on the other hand civilian government and establishment is releasing terrorists under the Mullah reconciliation ordinance.

According to information, banned Ahl e Sunnat wal Jamat’s leader Ramzan Mengal has been released. Ramzan Mengal was involved in massacre of Hazara people and security personnel in Baluchistan whereas he was the mastermind of the attack on public transport buses going from Pakistan to Iran but he has been released from police’s custody.

Ramzan Mengal is being released at a time when intelligence agencies have recently arrested a RAW agent from Baluchistan who has also revealed that he had links with separatist and banned religious groups. The arrested RAW agent also claimed the responsibility of several terrorist acts and planning for Baluchistan and Karachi’s separation.

Despite all this, releasing a dangerous terrorist in Baluchistan is worrisome. The banned organization with which Ramzan Mengal is associated has been involved in spreading sectarianism, target killing and hatred in the province and its head openly threatened to kill Shia Muslims. Isn’t releasing such a dangerous terrorist a question mark on NAP, Zarb e Azb and on war against terror?  


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