Anniversary of Gilgit massacre is being observed across Pakistan

shia gilgitPakistani Shia Muslims are commemorating the anniversary of Gilgit massacre that was perpetrated in May 1988 by the armed terrorists trained on the orders of military dictator General Zia.

The massacre that began on May 17 lasted till May 26, 1988. The intolerant salafi wahhabi terrorists in the garb of Sunnis first misinformed Sunnis through their hate speeches and then formed groups of rioters that stormed into four districts of Gilgit-Baltistan province. They perpetrated massacre of Shiites in Shat Nala, Bat Kor, Jalalabad, Boonji, Sui Jaglot, Sher Qila, Huper Shakyoot, Sukwar and Manawar.

In Jalalabad alone, more than 50 innocent Shia Muslims were martyred, 1230 houses were set on fire, 24 mosques, 4 Imam Bargahs and more than 2000 copies of Holy Quran were also burnt. The bodies of the martyrs were burnt, tortured and mutilated. The terrorists and the rioters had to retreat after a stiff resistance from Ali Sher Anchan tribe.

It is relevant to add here that that U.S.-Saudi nexus was involved in that terrorism and massacre because the U.S. ambassador was received with the slogans of Down with the U.S. when he had visited the area and he dictated the U.S. stooge General Zia to teach a lesson to the Shiites.


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