Attack on Allama Raja Nasir Abbas | Agencies Reveal Nawaz Regimes Conspiracy off-hand

A conspiracy of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz regime has come forth to sabotage the landmark hunger strike of Majlis Wahdat e Muslimeen chief Allama Raja Nasir Abbas, sources at intelligent agencies reveal.

Sources revealed that these militants will rally together from Abpara Chowk at 4.30pm on Sunday and attack the Allama Nasir’s hunger strike camp at press club Islamabad.

Organizations that has been banned for killing scores of Pakistani civilians and military-men, have come together, veiling themselves as well-wishers of Pakistan. Militants united under the shroud of ‘Difa-e-Pakistan’ comprise of proscribed Jamaat ud Dawa, Banned Ansar ul Islam, Banned Sipah-e-Sabaha/Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamaat are taking out a rally tomorrow 5th June.

So much so for the National Action Plan, which is now being mocked by critics as a ‘Joke’.

The strike continues on the 23rd day where Allama Nasir protests against the regimes’ indignity being party to the atrocities against Shiites across Pakistan. It has been a well established fact that the current civil regime is patronizing banned outfits as a whole bringing turmoil and anarchy to the country.



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