Allama Sajid Naqvi says it is high time to make Shia National Defence Policy

sajid karachiAllama Sajid Naqvi, chief of Shia Ulema Council, has said that making Shia National Policy is dire need of the hours.
“I invite Shia intellectuals, lawyers, think-tanks, and retired officers to come forward and help us in formulation of Shia National Defence Policy,” he said while speaking at anniversary of martyrdom of Dr Haider in Karachi.

He said that Pakistani Shia Muslims were passing through a critical phase and novice and ignorant people should desist from giving immature opinion in prevailing circumstances. He said that empty statements couldn’t help Shiites sort out their problems.

“Imam-e-Zaman has bestowed upon Pakistani Shia Muslims several blessings due to which Shiites lead august forums and takfiris have been isolated in their allied schools of thought,” he said referring to his position as head of Milli Yakjehti Council and Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal.

He said that enemies of Shia Islam failed to compete with Shia Islam in the field of knowledge and logic and their failure engendered reactionary sentiments among them and they resorted to violent methods. He said that Shia Muslims martyrdoms are an unjust reaction to the just policies of Shiites. He asserted that dignity of Shia Muslims was being bolstered by the martyrdoms.


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