Sheikh Rashid rules out any sectarian tension in Pakistan

Member of National Assembly from Rawalpindi and chief of Awami Muslim League Sheikh Rashid has said that there is no sectarian tension in Pakistan but there are elements who are destroying Pakistan from inside.

Speaking at an All-Party Conference hosted by MWM in Islamabad against takfiri terrorism in Pakistan, Sheikh Rashid stressed on the unity of Pakistani nation from the depth of heart. He said that cosmetic and superficial unity would never rid Pakistan of prevailing problems.
He said that the state could not provide security to the heirs of victims of terrorism and witnesses of their cases who remained under threat from the terrorists and due to that reason, terrorists were being emboldened and only the government is responsible for not providing them security so that they could defend cases against the terrorists.
He appreciated the MWM’s effort against terrorism and termed APC a good effort.


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