Banned ASWJ establishes seminary in Islamabad amid interior ministry’s silence

Proscribed Deobandi terrorist outfit ASWJ has established a takfiri seminary to promote its ideology of hatred, intolerance and violent extremism, in the posh area of Islamabad, capital city of Pakistan but interior ministry remains silent against the terrorists.

Ahmed Ludhianvi, notorious ringleader of banned ASWJ aka Sipah-e-Sahaba, inaugurated the seminary where likeminded Deobandi firebrand hate-mongering clerics also attended.
Despite many counterterrorism operations launched by Pakistan army including the ongoing Operation Raddul Fasaad, mother of all terrorism in Pakistan that is proscribed ASWJ, has not been crushed, so far. They are allowed free hand to continue under the umbrella of Saudi Wahhabi monarchy. People of Pakistan demand stern action aimed at elimination of the entire ASWJ and its subsidiaries and like-minded groups, altogether.


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