ISO annual convention ‘Mehdism: Hope of Humanity’ is being held in Lahore

Speakers at the annual convention of Imamia Students Organisation have vowed to continue their support and coordination with ISO in its struggle to train youths to benefit the society that can be helpful for the last saviour of humanity: Imam Mehdi (AS).

The ISO Convention under the theme of Mehdism: Hope of Humanity kicked off in Lahore where ISO Scouts paraded. Sarfaraz Naqvi, Zahid Mehdi and Allama Asad Naqvi spoke on the occasion.
On the second day (Saturday), Asgharia Students Organisation president Qamar Abbas Ghadeeri and Imamia Organisation’s former chief Lal Mehdi spoke.
They said that all human beings need and wait for the last saviour of humanity who would establish peace and justice across the world and suffered humanity would heave a sigh of relief under his divine and blessed regime.
Ghadeeri said that their contact and coordination with the ISO would continue and they would support each other in the divine cause of Mehdism.
Sarfaraz Naqvi and Lal Mehdi also said that during the current phase of occultation of the Messiah or the last divine saviour of humanity, oppressed people should support Ayatollah Khamenei as he was the only leader who painstakingly works for suffered humanity.



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