Shia Muslim mountaineer sets new world record by scaling Mount Pumori

Pakistani Shia Muslim mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara successfully scaled Mount Pumori (7,161 m) without using supplemental oxygen in the region during winter season. He hoisted a red flag inscribed with the name of Imam Hussain (AS), third infallible Imam (leader) of Shia Islam and also hoisted Pakistan’s national flag.

Sadpara has become the first one to scale a peak above 7,000 m in the winter climbing season, on Saturday January 20. Sadpara is in Nepal to summit Mount Everest in winter without the use of supplemental oxygen. In February last year, Sadpara along with three foreign mountaineers successfully scaled Nanga Parbat without oxygen.
At Mount Pumori, he was accompanied by his climbing partner Alex Txikon from Spain and Pemba Bhote Sherpa and Nuri Sherpa who also successfully climbed the mountain at around 11:30AM Saturday morning.


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