Banned ASWJ terrorists invited guests at Governor House moot

After the Presidency, Sindh Governor hailing from PML-N, also invited the ringleaders of banned Deobandi takfiri terrorist outfit ASWJ (Sipah-e-Sahaba), mother wing of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi at the Governor House to attend a conference against terrorism. ASWJ terrorists’ presence at the conference itself makes clear to the entire world how much serious PML-N government is against the terrorists.

The banned ASWJ ringleaders including notorious terrorist Aurangzeb Farooqi attended a conference under so-called Paigham-e-Pakistan initiative which the government and its supporters say is a key to eliminate of all kinds of terrorism in the country and a way forward on the path of progress and prosperity for the country. It is a key to counter the extremist thinking on ideological grounds, they say but themselves proved vice versa through their pro-terrorists actions.
The Paigham-e-Pakistan initiative of the government of Pakistan comprises two parts – a fatwa against terrorism and joint declaration by heads of all major schools of thought against terrorism endorsed by 1829 clerics from all schools of thought. It is an initiative of Pakistan government in collaboration with International Islamic University Islamabad that is again a deception because the said university is a Saudi project which is also infamous across the world as sponsor of takfiri terrorists including those who perpetrated 9/11 attacks in US.
Sindh Governor House’s programme was the continuation of a ceremony held at the President House on January 16, where Paigham-e-Pakistan initiative was launched.


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