Three innocent Shia Muslims to challenge death sentence in SHC

Despite the fact that Shia Muslims of Pakistan suffer from genocide campaign pursued by outlawed takfiri terrorist outfits, Shia Muslims are being punished in what appeared a policy of balance under which biased officials of the state institutions always tried to equate the Shia victims of terrorism with the takfiri perpetrators of the terrorist attacks. Under that mindset, three Shia Muslims were awarded death sentences and another two were awarded 21 year imprisonment.

Furqan, Bu Turab and Faisal have decided to challenge the unfair capital punishment through their lawyers in the Sindh High Court. Rifat and Azhar will also challenge the imprisonment sentence.
All the five Shia youths have been detained at Karachi Central Jail after having been implicated in false cases. They said they were convicted despite lack of evidence against them. They said no concrete or cogent evidence was produced in the cases that were false. They expressed hope they would get justice from Sindh High Court.

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