Parachinar:Shia Clerics rejected deal with any taliban group.

Parachinar-shiaA grand loya jirga of Shia clerics in which turi & bangash tribes held on Monday in headquarter of kurram agency in which more than five hundred tribal elders of two main tribes and six sub tribes particpated.In this loya jirga Shia tribal leaders rejected any possible deal or agrrement with any taliban group including haqani network for using the land of turi & bangash for terrorisim.

According to the Shiite News Sources that Shia Tribal clerics in their speeches cleared that they are anti taliban with addition to anti usa.They further told that this is the plan of usa and occupied forces that when they want to enter or occupy the land or locaility first they enter thier extremists agents like alqaeda & taliban,the best example is iraq,afghanistan and waziristan where occupation and drone attacks are  continued.But we will never allowed this international game of so called war on terror.The best proof is American investigative journalist wayine madcine recent report and weki lakes they added.Turi Bangash tribal elders also warned some limited puppet of estiblkeshment in the name of tribal elders who particpated in talks with haqani network at Peshawar and islamabad.They further added that these puppet agents have no crediibilty in the area even in thier families.

MeanWhile grand loya jirga of Shia Turi & Bangash tribes also criticized the civil and millitry bureucracy for commiting step mother treatement and state terror by imposing criplling siege and economic blockadge on turi and bangash tribes in Parachinar and surronding upper Kurram.

They mentioned that in negociations in peshawar and islamabad haqani network on the instructions of milltry estibleshment offered that the closed thall Parachinar road will be opened and they gurantee that no Shia People will be murdered and hurted after the aggreement.This clearly shows that from year2007 till date more than 1200 Shia were murdred ,more than 5000 injured and more than 200 kidnaped six still missing from Charkhel Lower Kurram govt convey attack,shows that all these crimes and four years continous siege was implemented by millitry estibleshement.These figures are more than the attrocities of indian occupied forces in kashmir ,therefore instead of shedding crocodile tears on state terrorisim in Kashmir,all concern should focus on state terrorisim in pakistani gaza Parachinar.To add more prressure for accepting agrreement the  pak-afghan border was completly sealed to stop the limited entry of food stuff and life saving medicine the estibleshement want to do genocide of turis & bangshs,tribal elders blamed the government.

In last of loya jirga some resolutions were adopted saying that Shia Turi Bangash tribes will eat grass(due to imposed and continous cripiling siege) but will never allow taliban on thier land,loya Jirga also criticised the role of civil society and human rights groups who even some time highlight the non issues for thier vasted intrestes and not highlighting the real issue and humantiran catisterphy in pakistan gaza the parrachinar,Loya jirga demands the government and security forces to stop the state terrorisim by ending the inhuman siege with patriotic turi and bangash tribes who shed thier blood in 1947 ,1948,1965,1971 Kargil and psot 9/11 the figures of casuilities of turi & bangash tribes serving in secuurity forces is highest than all other tribals of FATA,but yet they recive step mother treatment & state terror which is ununerstadable,if govt consider parachinar as the part of pakistan ,grand loya jirga demanded.

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