Asim Zaidi critically injured in Hyderabad

sindh-map-10-06_lSyed Asim Zaidi, 35, was critically injured in the attack of Nasabi-Wahabi terrorists at hill top area of Hyderabad, the second largest city of the Sindh Province.

According to the Shiite News, Asim Zaidi, is the active member of Muttahida Qaumi Movement. The target killing of  Shia Muslims are being continued across the country.

In the recent spate of target killing in Karachi, more than five Shia men were martyred by the terrorsits of outlawed Nasabi-Wahabi outfits.

Terrorists through a well-planned conspiracy killed the active Shia Muslims affilated with the political parties of the country. During the last week three Shia office bearers of MQM have been martyred by the terrorists in karachi including Syed Adil Zaidi at Nazimabad, Syed Yawar Abbas at PIB Colony and Agha Rashid at New Karachi areas besides the killing of Waseem Haider at Federal Capital Area of Karachi.

Shia leaders of Jaffaria Alliance, Majlis Wehdat and Shia Ulema Council strongly condemned the serial target killing of Shia muslims in the country and demanded of the government to immediately arrest the culprits forthwith.


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