Shia Muslims commemorate the anniversary of Imam Hussain (AS)’s departure from Medina

28Rajab-rawangi-imam-hussainShia Muslims are commemorating the anniversary of Imam Hussain (AS)’s departure to Karbala from Medina in all over Pakistan today.

Mourning congregations are being held in almost all Shia majority areas across Pakistan. Shiite News Correspondents reported on Wednesday that from Karachi to Gilgit-Baltistan, Parachinar to Lahore and Quetta to Peshawar, majalis-e-aza were held.

Mourning anjumans brought out azadari processions and recited nohas beating their chest. They were crying raising the slogans of Ya Hussain (AS).Clad in black, they also hoisted black flags on the rooftops of their houses.   

Shia leaders and scholars said in their speeches that Imam Hussain (AS) had to leave his hometown for Karbala because people of Kufa requested the infallible leader of Islam to lead the oppressed people against the tyrant misrule of despotic Umayyad ruler.

Shiites observe 28th Rajab as anniversary of Imam Hussain (AS)’s departure from Medina to Karbala every year.


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