Allama Gh. Abbas Raeesi says martyrs gave message not to be scared of death

ghulam-abbas-raeesiRenowned Pakistani Shia scholar Allama Ghulam Abbas Raeesi has said that martyrs have given message to us that we must not be scared of death because the fear of death made people timid.

“People surrender because of fear of death and the great martyrs of Islam give message that death is nothing so we should not care death,” Allama Raeesi said addressing at a condolence reference held in Iranian religious capital city Qom in commemoration of martyrs of Taftan massacre and Karachi airport terrorist attack, according to Shiite News Correspondent.  Jamia Roohaniyat Baltistan (Qom chapter) hosted the condolence reference.  

He said that followers of Umayyad dynastic despotic rulers were killing Shia Muslims but Shiites were getting more organised and united and they began thinking that martyrdom is the best form of death and this will reduce the distance between them and Allah.

“World knows it and history bears witness to this fact that Shia Muslims never feared the death. However, there is a need to use this path of martyrdom in an organised way in the interest of Islam and Ummah so that enemies of Islam should not succeed in their nefarious designs,” he urged.

Allama Raeesi said that the world arrogant powers have mind but they have no faith and the takfiris have faith but they are mindless people. He said due to these facts takfiris are being hijacked by the arrogant powers and they misuse them as proxies to defame the sacred path of martyrdom and misuse them against the Islamic resistance and awakening.

“The United States also tried to empower secular elements in the name of democracy in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries, but Islamists were elected and U.S. failed to do so. Revolutions in Arab countries were also being hijacked and maligned through takfiris,” he said.


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