IHC orders ECP for early decisions on pleas against banned outfits’ candidates

Islamabad High Court has ordered the Election Commission of Pakistan to make early decision on pleas seeking to bar banned terrorist outfits’ members and leaders from contesting Elections in accordance with the counterterrorism and electoral laws of the country.

IHC issued this order on a petition filed by social society activists Gul-e-Zahra Rizvi who had complained that the objections to the banned outfits’ members participation in elections were pending since June 8 and ECP was not taking action.
Gul-e-Zahra Rizvi’s petition mentioned that around 50 members and leader of banned outfits are contesting elections despite the fact that state institutions have declared them proscribed/outlawed or banned due to their terrorism and extremism.
The IHC has asked the Election Commission of Pakistan to make early decisions on said complaints and objections against the banned outfits.
However, so far ECP has taken no action to ensure that notorious ringleaders of banned outfits are thrown out of Elections as per law of the land.


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