Asgharia Educational, Organizational and Training Workshop at Bhit Shah

A 8-day Educational, Organizational and Training Workshop is being held under the aegis of Asgharia Students Organisation Pakistan (ASOP) at Bhit Shah where eminent scholars are delivering lectures on said topics to enlighten students from all over Sindh province.

“Youthfulness is the best age of our life and if we lay foundation of education in this age, no cyclone or storm could shatter us an inch away from our place,” said Qamar Abbas Ghadiri, speaking at the inaugural session of the workshop.
Renowned research scholar Engineer Syed Hussain Moosavi in his lecture urged the students to enhance their knowledge and understanding. He asked them to build their personality and strengthen their selfness focusing on their self-construction on viable foundation. He said the most civilized nation is the one that gets comprehensive understanding of religion (Islam).
Eminent cleric Allama Sadiq Raza Taqvi said that intellect is indispensable element for reasoning and rationality and intellect cannot come without comprehensive knowledge.
Mohammad Alam Sajidi, Allama Mukhtar Imami and others also spoke and urged students to stay away from the things forbidden by Islam and embrace piety and goodness to serve humanity.


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