Youm-e-Ali Asghar observed to commemorate Imam Hussain’s infant

Global Ali Asghar Day was observed in Pakistan like other parts of the world in commemoration of the 6-month-old son of Imam Hussain (AS) who embraced martyrdom in Karbala in Moharram, 61 A.H.

The day known as Aalmi Youm-e-Ali Asghar (AS) is observed on the first Friday of Hazrat Ali Asghar, the youngest son who was brutally assassinated by the cursed soldier of Umayyad Army Hurmulah, who pierce a huge arrow into his neck when Imam Hussain (AS) showed him seeking water to quench the thirst of Ali Asghar (AS).
Mothers bring their infants to Imam Bargahs where they wear green clothes and a green headband inscribed O! Ali Asghar.
From Karachi to Islamabad and everywhere across Pakistan, the Ali Asghar Day was observed with great reverence for Imam Hussain’s infant. Mothers were crying commemorating the brutalities of Umayyad army against the family of Prophet of Islam in Karbala.
Shia Muslims in particular observe sacred mourn against those brutalities that led to epoch-making martyrdoms of great martyrs of Islam and humanity aka Martyrs of Karbala led by Imam Hussain (AS) who refused allegiance to Umayyad dynastic tyranny.


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