Police attack Shia azadari congregation in Punjab’s Fort Abbas area

Police in tehsil Fort Abbas of District Bahawal Nagar attacked an azadari (mourning) congregation, tortured male and female azadars (Shia Muslims) severely and handcuffed religious speaker of the congregation in Chak 242 that evoked the countrywide condemnation for police and Punjab government.

The only Shia family of the Chak 242 hosted an azadari Majlis where a religious speaker was speaking on Karbala tragedy and martyrdoms of Imam Hussain and his companions.
Police party stormed into the Majlis that was being held under permission from relevant authorities. The cops started torturing male and female azadars, handcuffed the speaker and arrested nine including the speaker. As many as 20 people were nominated in the case.
Shia Muslims face persecution and being victimized even during the PTI government in Punjab. People believe change has not come to Pakistan or Punjab even after new government. Shia Muslims demand stern action against the police and those people who attacked and ransacked the Majlis.

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