Pakistan recognises Israel as enemy number one: Senate told

Pakistan government minister of state has clarified PTI government position on the rumours of establishment of ties with Israel that “Israel is enemy number one of Pakistan and if any government or individual dare recognizing Israel, we will through them into River Indus.

Respond to a point of public importance, State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan said that “as part of federal cabinet, he wants to make it crystal clear that neither any government in the past accepted Israel, nor the present government will ever recognise it as it [Israel] is enemy number one of Pakistan.”
On behalf of the federal government, he told the Senate in unequivocal terms that incumbent government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has neither any intention to accept Israel nor it will do so in future.
His clarification came after Senator Mushtaq Ahmed of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) claimed that a “strong lobby in Islamabad is actively working to recognise Israel,” which is reflected in landing of an Israeli aircraft at a Pakistani airport, and allowing a local Jew to travel to Israel on green passport.
“As a state minister, as a member Parliament, as a Muslim, I want to say it loud and clear that Israel is “enemy number one of Pakistan, enemy number one of Pakistan and enemy number one of Pakistan” and if any government or individual dare make such attempt, we will throw him into the River Indus,” minister of state declared.
He said, “In 1967 the then Israeli President went to France, and said that Pakistan is the ideological enemy of Israel, and all efforts would be made to economically and militarily weaken it as it was created by dividing India.”
“The way India and Israel attacked Pakistan this time is enough that Pakistan will never accept Israel so it’s simply out of question that any one would even think of recognising its worst enemy,” he added.
However, the minister had no clue about reports that Fischel Benkhald, born to Jewish mother in Karachi, has been allowed to travel to Israel on a Pakistani passport where it is written that the passport is valid for all countries except Israel.


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