Shia leaders warns governnment to hold country wide protest against the ban on D.I.Khan


The Shia leaders and organizations’ from across the country, Including Majls-e-Wahadat-e-Muslameen (MWM), Jaffaria Alliance Pakistan (JAP), Imamia Students Organization Pakistan (ISO) , Markazi Tanzeem-e-Aza and Shia Ulema’s and Zakarin denounced the government shameful act and said that this is the basic right of the Shia community to commemorate the sacrfice of Imam Hussain (AS). They said that this is the responsibility of the government to secure the holy processions and mourners of Imam Hussain (AS)>

They said that the biased act of NWFP government shows their hatred to Imam Hussain(a.s).

They asked the government to release all people belongs to the Shia community of D.iKhan, who were arrested by the local administration of D.I.Khan during the Muharram-ul-Harram. They warned that if the government will not release the detained Shia of D.I.Khan, then Millat e Jaffria will start country wide protest campaign across the country.

MWM leader Nasir Sherazi talking to the Shiite news said that Shiite community of the country will not accept the biased act of NWFP and local government of D.I.Khan. he said that this was the constitutional responsibility of the governemnt to provide the security to the Pakistani people. He wared that the protest will be held across the country, if NWFP government will not withdraw their illegal decision.

JAP Acting President Maulana Hussain Masoodi said that this was the shameful decision of NWFP government and a part of ongoing conspiracies against Shia community of the country.

He said that we would not accept any restriction and ban on Azadari Imam Hussain (AS).

However, Shiites of Dera Ismail Khan says that we are always ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of Azadari-e-AbaAbdullah Hazrat Imam Hussain (a.s) and progeny of holy prophet Mohammad (PBUH) but not accpet the illegal act of government at any cost.

They further said that Azadari processions in D.I.Khan to be held on according to their traditional routes saying that they would not change routes and timings.

Shiites of Dera Ismail Khan condemned the arresting Shiites in D.I Khan and they demand government to release all those who were arrested otherwise Millat e Jaffria will start movement against government across the country.


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