Female Shia legislator condemns biased malicious campaign against her

Female Shia legislator Syeda Shehla Raza, the senior leader of Pakistan Peoples Party, condemned malicious campaign by violent takfiri against her.

Takfiri thugs impersonating as Sunnis

She vowed she would counter and defeat the biased takfiri thugs. I am not Salman Taseer or likes that takfiri thugs are trying to make her an example like those, Shehla asserted.

As a matter of fact, takfiri terrorists and extremists claim them Sunnis which they are not, she said.

The Shia politician said takfiris aim to deceive Muslims of Pakistan through this campaign..

Takfiris are Khawarij 

Former deputy speaker said takfiris are alien to Islam and Muslims that was why they had been called khawari.  She said sometimes these elements target her Shia identity. She cited that sometimes they even ridiculed her for being a Syed.  She inferred that all they do with a deliberate intention to slur.

Syeda Shehla rebuffs charges

PPP’s member of provincial legislature clarified her position that she had commented on a TV talk show on the statements of Prime Minister Imran Khan.
She said that Imran Khan had been making contradictory statements on his vision for Pakistan. Sometimes he talked of Medina model. Sometimes Muavia model of governance.
She commented on Imran Khan’s stated visions and never commented on anything else.

Background of Umayyad dynastic monarchy

Historians identify Muavia as founder of Umayyad dynastic rule in Islam. He had nominated his son Yazid as his heir to throne. He had been engaged in wars against Hazrat Ali, whom Sunni Muslims recognize, revere and adore as legitimate pious ruler. Shia Muslims revere and follow him as Imam (leader) Ali.

Even Deobandi scholars such as Syed Abul Kalam Azad and Syed Abul Aala Moudoodi had declared the Umayyad rule hereditary monarchies. They criticised it as totally against the Islamic principles since nomination of Yazid, his son, who ordered all to allegiance to him. On refusal, his army had assassinated Imam Hussain in Karbala.

Hussain (AS), son of Imam Ali (AS) was grandson of Prophet of Islam Hazrat Mohammad. Prophet of Islam and humanity had declared his grandsons Hussain and Hassan as leaders of youth in Paradise.

What Muslims think of Umayyad rule

Muslims detest Umayyad despotism and tyranny. Umayyad army attacked House of God Kaaba in Mecca and Medina in present-day Saudi Arabia. Throughout their rule, they ordered killings and imprisonment of their political opponents.


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