Asgharia Students Organisation supports sit in by families of Shia missing persons

Asgharia Students Organisation ASO supports sit in by families of Shia missing persons, announced ASO  president Mohsin Ali Asghari.

He turned down the false allegations against the patriot youths belonging to law-abiding and peaceful Shia community.

He asked if they were punishing and victimising Shia Muslims for their leading role in making of Pakistan.

Enforced disappearance gives a wrong message to the world as though jungle law has been imposed in Pakistan.

Don’t violate fundamental human rights 

Mohsin Asghari said that picking up innocent Shia Muslims from their house in midnight raid is flagrant violation of Constitution of Pakistan.

He denounced the shameful violation of sanctity of privacy and family during raids on houses of innocent Shia youths.

Shia respects armed forces, rejects bias

ASOP president said that Shia Muslims respect all constitutional institutions. He said Shia community respect armed forces and security agencies. Violation of constitutional and fundamental human rights defame Pakistan.

Father of Pakistani nation is Shia 

He cited that father of Pakistani nation Mohammad Ali Jinnah himself was a Shia Muslim.

Asghari further said that such witch-hunt has brought a bad name to Pakistan. It conveyed a wrong message to the world. If looks like jungle law in Pakistan.

Shia community demands end to discrimination 

He said Pakistanis reject biased, discriminatory and unjustifiable witch-hunt against Shia Muslims.

Not to forget that Shia Muslims make similar complaints since long. They cite history of biased discriminatory policies agains them. Most importantly, they cited Shia genocide.

And they also pointed with concern the unjustifiable crackdown time and again. Nevertheless, they take pride, they never turned against the state like others.


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