Palestinians Mark Land Day Amid Concerns over COVID-19 Pandemic

Palestinians have burned a replica of an Israeli flag during an event marking Land Day near the Gaza fence as mass rallies planned to commemorate the event were cancelled amid concerns about the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Khaled al-Batsh, a senior member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) group said that “we wanted to prepare an event for millions to mark Land Day, but for our safety and the safety of the Palestinian people, and because of our commitment to the state of emergency, we cancelled the main event. We have replaced it with symbolic events and we invite everyone to participate in them.”

Ismail Radwan, a senior Hamas official also said that “Israeli blockade on the Gaza strip must be lifted and medical supplies must be allowed to enter for us to be able to deal with the coronavirus. The occupation bears all responsibility for any consequences occurring in the Gaza strip and in Palestine.”


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