Haniyeh: The Palestinian People Will not Forgive Any Country for Normalization with Israeli

The head of the political bureau of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, affirmed that Yemen was and will remain true the Palestinian cause and it constitutes one of the solid bases defending Palestine.

Haniyeh said to Almasirah today, Friday, “We wish the stability for Yemen to take its full role in the region, in building strategy in the region and supporting Palestine,” expressing his great proud of the great rallies that tens of thousands of Yemenis call for Al-Quds and the Palestinian resistance.

He pointed out that normalization will not achieve the goals of the Israeli enemy by bringing the Arab peoples to the square of normalization despite what the normalized Arab countries’ regimes are doing. The normalization, although it is a free service for a confined agenda, has no future in our region, and the UAE’s agreement with the Zionist enemy is a big mistake in the context of apply the deal of the century.

Haniyeh asserted that the reason of stopping the annexation in the West Bank was the Palestinian People, not the Emirati normalization with the enemy, as the Qassam Brigades and all the resistance factions said that the implementation of the annexation was a declaration of war. On the night of announcing the annexation on July 1st, we conducted tests on advanced missiles that were fired for the first time, and it was a clear message to the enemy.

Haniyeh denied the Emirati claim that there was a commitment for the UAE to stop the annexation, stressing that an hour after announcing the agreement with the UAE, Netanyahu denied the existence of a commitment by the Emirates or others to stop the annexation.

He stressed that the Palestinian resistance will not be satisfied with festivals in the face of annexation, but rather we will defend our Quds and our land with fire, pointing out that the Palestinian people will not forgive the normalization with the Israeli enemy from any country.


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