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Bin Salman spying on 30 Princes through Israeli monitoring bracelets

Saudi opposition researcher and academic, Saeed bin Nasser Al-Ghamdi, revealed that the Kingdom’s authorities are spying on more than 30 princes of the ruling Al-Saud family, including former Crown Prince Muhammad bin Nayef, through Israeli monitoring bracelets.

Al-Ghamdi said in a tweet on his Twitter that, “A respectable person from the family of Al-Saud, I have an old knowledge with him, from a worker mobile, speaking about distress and terror they live. He also said that those who had bracelets in their feet from Al-Saud exceed 30 member, including Bin Nayef, and Meteb (bin Abdullah), bin Fahd, and Bandar bin Salman. ”

The Saudi opposition added that the Israeli company NSO monitored the communications of all Al Saud women and men, and if this is true, it may has significant implications.”

The Crown Prince detained a number of Al-Saud princes, ministers and business in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, in Riyadh, at the end of 2017, on the pretext of fighting corruption, and then released them after reports of looting most of their money.

The Hebrew newspaper Haaretz revealed that the Zionist company “NSO” is specialized in the development of spyware. In last year, it held advanced negotiations to sell surveillance systems and penetration of smart phones to Saudi intelligence.

Media sources revealed in October 2018 that Saudi Arabia completed the purchase of buying high-quality spy devices from the Zionist entity that worth $ 250 million, they were transferred to Riyadh after the training of technical staff on its management and operation.



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