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Saudi Accepts Proposal by India’s Modi to Hold Virtual G20 Summit

Saudi Arabia has accepted a proposal by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to hold a virtual conference of G20 member nations next week to figure out a coordinated response to tackle the economic implications of COVID-19.

“G20 leaders will put forward a coordinated set of policies to protect people and safeguard the global economy”, said a statement issued by Saudi Arabia.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, global health and welfare organizations have suggested avoiding international travel, mass gatherings, and physical social interactions.

The contagious virus that has been found to be affecting the respiratory system has resulted in the deaths of over 7,900 people worldwide.

During Modi’s interaction with SAARC leaders, he had proposed a special fund dedicated towards tackling the virus outbreak. As the first deposit in the special fund, the Indian Prime Minister also offered a sum of $10 million.


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