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Demand for release of prisoners due to spread of Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

With the increased risk of the Coronavirus spreading, an account of “Thought Detainees” in Saudi Arabia called for the release of prisoners of the country’s prisons.

Iqna quoted from the 21 Arab News Agency that an account of the so-called “Thought Detainees” in Saudi Arabia described, “This request is in light of the real danger to the life of these prisoners in poor health conditions in prisons”.

Dozens of activists and their families and relatives, including Saudi activist Lina al-Hazlul, who is the sister of Lajin al-Hazlul, participated in the campaign.

Hazlul made it clear that, considering the real danger of a Coronavirus outbreak, he wants the prisoners and, above all, his sister, to be released.

Social activists have also warned that there are many elderly people in prisons who are more susceptible to the virus than others.

The number of people infected with the Coronavirus has so far reached 238 cases, and Saudi authorities have banned all visits to prisons as a precautionary measure.

The Saudi government has arrested thousands of citizens and residents in the country for disseminating political opinions and demanding their rights.


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