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British MPs Probe ’Disappearance’ of Senior Saudi Royals

The Saudi ambassador to Britain, Khalid bin Bandar, called a fact-finding committee that includes British representatives and international lawyers to a meeting next week, to discuss their request to visit the former Saudi crown prince, Prince Muhammad bin Nayef, and Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz to investigate the conditions of their detention.

A statement issued by the law firm “Bendmans” said that the Saudi ambassador met last Monday – in an informal meeting – the head of the committee, Representative Crispin Blunt.

Last week, the committee delivered an official letter to the Saudi embassy, ​​requesting to visit the two princes, who have been held in an unknown location since last March, amid reports that they were being denied legal advice and health care.

A group of British MPs and lawyers have launched an investigation into the welfare of two high-ranking Saudi princes who have been imprisoned in the kingdom for the past six months.

Former crown prince Mohammed Bin Nayef, 61, and Prince Ahmed bin Abdul Aziz, 78, both considered to be potential rivals to Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, were arrested in March during a crackdown on senior royals.

Soon after their arrests, reports emerged that they had been detained for plotting to overthrow Mohammed Bin Salman before he ascended to the throne, but some sources of the reports later backpaddled, saying they had been picked up for “an accumulation of misbehavior”.


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