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Report: Saudi Activist Suffers Stroke after Being Poisoned in Prison

A Saudi pro-democracy campaigner has reportedly suffered a life-threatening stroke after being deliberately poisoned by regime authorities at a maximum-security prison south of the capital Riyadh.

The Prisoners of Conscience, an independent non-governmental organization advocating human rights in Saudi Arabia, announced in a post on its official Twitter page that Sheikh Muhammad bin Dalim al-Qahtani, a leader of the Umma Islamic Party, suffered the serious medical condition after he was poisoned on purpose at al-Ha’ir Prison.

The post added that Qahtani has been transferred to al-Iman Hospital in Riyadh, and is apparently in critical condition.

Activists said the Saudi pro-democracy campaigner had sent a voice message to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman a day earlier, protesting his role in the ongoing horrific campaign of repression in the country.

Back in September 2019, the so-called Specialized Criminal Court in Riyadh sentenced Qahtani, a staunch opponent of the ruling Al Saud regime and bin Salman, to five years in prison and imposed a 10-year travel ban on him.

On Thursday, Human Rights Watch (HRW) urged the international community to vote against Saudi Arabia’s bid to take a seat on the UN Human Rights Council, stating that the kingdom has committed “massive rights violations” both at home and abroad.

The New York-based group warned in a statement that Saudi Arabia continues to target human rights campaigners and political dissidents, including women’s rights activists, and others it has arbitrarily detained and prosecuted.

Source: Press TV


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