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Saudi amputates Yemeni thief’s hand

Saudi officials have amputated the right hand of a Yemeni national convicted of several thefts.

The Interior Ministry of Saudi Arabia said Ibrahim Abdulrahman Hazbar’s right hand was amputated on Monday in the western city of Mecca, since he was convicted of a “series of thefts.”

The court’s verdict was handed down on chopping off the thief’s hand earlier in the day.

Statistics show that approximately 80 convicts have been executed in the country this year, despite international concerns over the number and judicial processes.

Execution and capital punishment is a common verdict in Saudi Arabia for crimes including rape, murder, apostasy, drug trafficking and armed robbery.

The conservative kingdom, which conforms to the radical Wahhabi interpretation of Islam, is widely rejected by Muslims across the globe.

The monarchy enforces amputation of the right hand as a punishment for theft, while cross amputation is imposed in cases of highway robbery.


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