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Saudi Arabia plans to open an embassy in Jerusalem

Maj. Gen. Anwar Ashkaki, head of the Middle East Center for Strategic Studies, and the Saudi-Israel relations official, and close to the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, said his country plans to build its embassy in “Israel” soon,

Eshki’s remarks came at a time when the Netanyahu government has confirmed its lack of agreement in the future to open new embassies in Tel Aviv, and will require the countries with which to establish new relations open its embassy in Jerusalem and not in Tel Aviv.

Ashki’s statements go beyond the normalization of relations between the two countries to hit the foundations of the Palestinian cause on the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. This means not only the killing of the Arab initiative, but the total liquidation of the Palestinian cause.

His remarks coincided with the announcement by US President Donald Trump of Washington’s desire to move its embassy to occupied Jerusalem, especially that Saudi Arabia is following the direction of American policy, even if it contradicts its policy and interests and the interests of the region and the Palestinian people.

Ishaqi was asked during an interview with Al-Jazeera when Saudi Arabia would open an embassy in Israel? “You have to ask Netanyahu,” he replied.

Netanyahu and officials in his government, including the Minister of War, Avigdor Lieberman, that a number of Arab countries now see Iran as the main enemy and not “Israel” and that the Palestinian issue is not a condition for the normalization of relations between them, which undermines Saudi Arabia’s claim to require the implementation of the Arab initiative and peace The region, making it likely that these countries will form an alliance to fight Iran, and forget the Palestinian cause.

The Saudi press has welcomed the opening of an embassy in Israel, where the writer and journalist Dhamam Al-Enezi published a tweet calling on Saudi Arabia, as the leader of the Arab and Islamic nations, to take the initiative and open an Israeli embassy in Riyadh to reduce the threat of the Persian enemy. He expressed his hope that General Anwar Ashkaki would be ambassador to the Saudi embassy in Israel. He also called for Israel to be accepted as a member of the Arab League.


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