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Crack-down against Shia: Saudi authorities arrests Noted Shia author Al-Yousuf & Hussain Al-Arq

shia_leader_saudi_arrestSaudi authorities on Thursday evening  arrested Noted writers Hussain al-Yousuf and Hussain al-Arq following their participation in a protest rally demanding release of forgotten Shiite prisoners.

Informed sources told the Shiite News that Saudi authorities were arrested the Hussain al-Arq from in front of his house at midnight to the police station Tarot, while al-Yousuf was arrested during the demonstration.

The Wahabi-Nasabi forces of Saudia dispersed the marchers on Thursday night by force, more than 200 youths in Qatif were participating in the peaceful protest and demanding the release of forgotten shia prisoners.

As security forces were arrested at least twenty protesters including the Hani Alsidir, Zaki Alsidir, Rand Khunaizi, Sand Khunaizi, Fathi Almiad,  Mohammed Adil Awami, Ramzi al-Shurfa, and Fouad Daoud.

It is noteworthy that nine forgotten prisoners were arrested on suspicion of involvement in the bombing of U.S. barracks in the city of the 1996 Khobar that killed 19 Americans. The Shia Prisoners have not been presented so far on trial as they did not have the opportunity to appoint lawyers to defend them

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