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Saudi Shia protest rally in Qatif Province against the detention of youths

shiitenews_saudi_protest1Hundreds of Saudi took out anti-government rally in Awamiyah of Qatif Province condemning the illegal detention of the innocent Shia youths by the Saudi-wahabi forces.

According to the Shiite News Correspondent, The Saudi-Wahabi forces have shifted the innocent Shia youths from unknown places on the allegation of their participation in the anti-government protests.  

The area people said that dozens of detainees accused of participating in protest marches, which came out in Qatif province recently did not have a definite link, but the protests were taken “arbitrary” of checkpoints that have surrounded the area.

The participants of the protest rally was carrying out the placards inscribed the name of detainees and demanded of the immediate release of these protestors.

Addressing the demonstration, The Shia leaders said that they were still unaware about the whereabouts of the detained shia men and youths including Adnan Al-Zehra and Fawad Al-Hamehi.

It may be noted here that Saudi Wahabi authorities have arrested more than 180 Shia men from the Eastern province on the charges of the participation in the anti-Saudi regime protest despite any evidences. Majority of the arrested Shia man were under the ages of 17 years arrested by the Wahabi-Saudi forces to eliminate the right movement of Shia Muslims in the American ally Saudi kingdom.

Young Sheikh Habib Ali Adhim (22 years) was  subjected to the position is not without deliberate provocation at checkpoint one of the entrances to the city Safavi on March 17.

Qasim Al-Gharib young man from the city of Saihat who was driving his car accompanied by his wife and children led much of the traffic barrier near the checkpoint when he finished his hometown of scrutiny they are surprised to cross the soldiers to cut off a street so as to prevent the collision with difficulty.shiitenews_saudi_protest2

The soccer players brothers Hassan and Ali Abd al-Baqi and they are in the 15 and 16 years of age have been detained from a bus belonging to the club Esperance Qatif City and was carrying them and their colleagues after their return from participation in a sports match on March 16 and taken to prison to date.

The source believes that human rights will be approximately half of the 180 detainees now held on charges of participating in protest marches in Qatif were detained “arbitrarily” at checkpoints and for reasons unrelated to the protests from near or far.

Apart from those arrested at checkpoints taken many of the other detainees through raid their homes or through summoned to police stations and taken immediately to detention centers in Dammam, Dhahran and Al Khobar.

Saudi Arabia’s east has been the scene of anti-government protests over the past months and authorities have arrested scores of Shia people, including bloggers and writers, for taking part in anti-government demonstrations.

Saudi protesters in the east are calling for human rights reform, freedom of expression and the release of political prisoners some held without trial for more than 16 years.

They have also urged the immediate withdrawal of Saudi troops from neighboring Bahrain.

According to Human Rights Watch, more than 180 dissidents have been arrested since February as part of the Saudi crackdown on anti-government protesters.

Anti-government group the Revolution against Al Saud, which calls for constitutional reform, transparency and accountability, legislative elections as well as the establishment of a government that serves the people, has also urged Saudis to demonstrate in other parts of the country.


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