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Saudi Wahhabi Forces Martyred Shia teenager in Qatif Province

Saudi Wahhabi Forces Martyred Shia teenager in Qatif ProvinceSaudi Wahabi security forces have shot martyred a 19-year-old Shia boy in the Shia populated city of Qatif in the Eastern Province of the Wahabi Kingdom. 

According to the Shiite News Correspondent, Nasser al-Mahishi was martyred on Monday while walking on a street along with his friends. A demonstration was held near his home after he was shot. 

Sources informed that more than 10 people including a 6 years old girl have been severely injured. Saudi forces surrounded the area. Bodies transferred to the hospital. Protesters chanted slogans against the US-backed Al Saud royal family. A funeral procession for the teenage boy has been scheduled for Monday and is expected to turn into a large demonstration. 

Last week, Saudi security forces in Qatif arrested two people who were accused of taking part in demonstrations demanding reform and the release of political prisoners in the kingdom. Saudi authorities have prohibited public gatherings in the wake of months of anti-regime protests in several cities. 

Security forces have injured and arrested dozens of people in Saudi Arabia over the past few days. Human Rights Watch called on Saudi authorities in October to stop “arbitrary arrests of peaceful protesters, relatives of wanted persons, and human rights activists” in the Eastern Province. 

The arrests in Saudi Arabia have been carried out despite the fact that the kingdom is a party to the Arab Charter on Human Rights. Article 14 of the charter prohibits arbitrary detention. Saudi demonstrators have also protested Riyadh’s military intervention in neighboring Bahrain.


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